Education for All is a non-partisan advocacy organization which believes every child deserves equal access to a quality education.

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Principle 1

Every child is unique and our education system must be responsive to that diversity. Educational equality doesn't mean educating everyone the same, but educating everyone according to their individual needs.

Principle 2

A quality education is the ultimate equalizer.

Principle 3

Funding is essential to a quality education as it determines access to trained, responsive and effective teachers. It also ensures access to the latest technology and global preparedness. Education funding and per pupil allocation must be fairly distributed among schools, regions, and states.

Principle 4

We need to work together, regardless of our political views, to make sure that all children receive a quality education, despite whether educational delivery is in a private, public, or charter school.

Principle 5

Improving access to quality education in rural and urban areas will lead to economic, technological and industrial regeneration, which will lead to positive economic outcomes for all in our nation.

Principle 6

Education is of fundamental importance to the future and success of the United States. One of our national priorities should be to improve the system, and improve the educational achievement of our students.

Our story

Founded in 2016, Education for All is a nonpartisan policy organization.

We recognize education is critical to the future of the USA, and its prosperity. We also recognize there isn't a neutral space for people from different political backgrounds to come together and discuss education priorities openly.

Education for All is chaired by educator Susan Lawyer Willis.



Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have been a safe haven for black students to express themselves without judgement from their white counterparts.


Read how education is the way out of poverty. A few innovative educational approaches can make a huge difference in the lives of underserved schoolchildren.

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No spam, no third-party emails.

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